Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Like Take That, I am soooo back for good!!

So welcome back Me, I haven't got my ass into gear to write anything getting on for nearly a year due to a few reasons:

1) moving house and the subsequent lack of organisation
2) a massive bout of laziness
3) the urge just hasn't been there, and when it has, it's been a fleeting flash in the pan.

Lame like a redundant Black Beauty. BUT, it's back. Fully fledged and boy it feels good. An outlet for unspent, verbal diarrhoea (of the nicest kind of course). Pledge taken. What's also steered me is the, albeit distant, signing up on Twitter and seeing all the vibrant, talented, opinionated individuals voicing their thoughts. I didn't want to be another restaurant reviewer/critic as there are lots of people out there doing just that, and a fab job at it too. Subjectivity plays a massive role though and I don't think that my, and sometimes others, opinions warrant the making or breaking of an eatery. I'm split with this quandry though as at times, I think if one or a few reviews have that much influence, the place either failed/succeeded in the initial impact stakes and/or people need to take leave of the herd and make a decision for themselves. Variety is the spice of life and if we all thought the same thing with the same rigid opinions, would reign supreme.

Upshot being that what is to follow, on a REGULAR basis (and by regular, I don't mean annual) is an unmitigated exploration of the UK's fabulous variety of specialist, local producers. Acquired wherever they happened to be found...farmer's markets, working farms, delis, random kitchens/gardens, pubs, restaurants, the more obscure the better so any recommendations or ideas welcome...

Lucky enough to live on the London/Surrey borders, my cup is full and runneth over with a whole host of producers just waiting to be delved in to. Working for Secretts Direct, I have fabulous access to a whole range of fruit and vegetables and as we edge towards spring, the offerings dupe, triple and quadlicate. Leading a hearty path to more interesting and varied dishes.

Sponge-like and absorption-friendly, bring it on!!

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  1. Still not very regular though. lol :) Nice blog though, like the idea behind it.